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In The Cool Of The Day

In The Cool Of The Day

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In The Cool Of The Day is for those longing for God's presence, yearning for the more, and wanting to immerse themselves in a daily moment with their Creator. It is for those desiring to saturate themselves in the wondrous love of Jesus and to wade deep into His life-changing Word.

In the Cool Of The Day is food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and a beautiful, gentle invitation to take up the daily walk with God–to pray, commune and discover more of His majesty, love and grace.

Nicole takes you on an intimate exploration of the spiritual postures of the three Marys, inspiring each of us to abide at the feet of Jesus (Mary of Bethany), patiently wait for His instruction (Mary Magdalene), and receive God's calling on our life (Mary the mother of Jesus).

Join her as she unpacks the spiritual truths gleaned from the testimonies of these three Marys, along with her own collection of God-conversations and miraculous encounters in the cool of the day.

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