Having Faith

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Having Faith is a love story between an ordinary Aussie girl and her extraordinary Father in Heaven. It is a story of God's boundless love and steadfast faithfulness; a testimony of God teaching and refining one woman's faith-walk through a long and heartbreaking nine-year infertility journey.

As she desperately sought answers for her empty womb, God unveiled many spiritual truths that aided her infertility-to-motherhood journey. Through a season each of asking, seeking, and knocking, God revealed more of Himself, drawing her deeper into an intimate relationship with the Trinity of God. Out of that newfound intimacy, God then began to bring to light every area inn her life that needed His healing touch. From personal and matrimonial healing to spiritual rebuilding, God wrought restoration, victory, and freedom. And from there God granted a barren woman the desires of her heart: motherhood!

Nicole Zoch Author

"I write for Him. I write because of Him. I write to honour Him". –Nicole Zoch

Nicole is author of: 'In The Cool Of The Day' & 'Having Faith'. You can order directly through our shop below, or at any leading online book store.